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Monday, May 2, 2011

Suggestions? Suggest here.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera =)


We see a lot of suggestions for this blog(that's a good thing) eg ; change the labels up there, turn this blog into a forum(dig this one!), put past years and all.

So here is where this post comes in.

Anything you wanna see happen to this site/any ideas to make this better/any suggestions at all, you can comment here. Go anon, we dont mind, it's the input we care to see.

Dont comment at the chatbox yeah? sometimes it is easily missed.

Start brainstorming!


  1. Siang:
    Hi semua, utk pengetahuan, blog BBA 0611 yg diwarisi drpd senior akan ditukar menjadi blog akademik PERSIAP, blog tersebut merupakan blog yg student letak notes drpd teaching from doctors atau seminar. Blog ini masih in the process of pengubahsuaian, x lama lg, semua pelajar medic UKM boleh access blog tu utk tujuan akademik. Pada masa yg sama, blog 0813 ini akan tetap menjadi blog informasi dan pengumuman. Ada cadangan atau bantahan ke?? trimas

  2. here r my suggestion :
    1.ubah bende kt ats tu - better letak label
    2.tukar bende ats tu - letak satu link je -> g kt forum (x tau laa wujud ke x bnde nie hehehe)
    3.pape link download letak 2 ( 1- kt link download yg sedia ada 2- kt 4shared/scribd/etc) bcoz link download yg mcm kt bwh tu xleh nk support byk kn? around 5 gb je an? not sure my self

  3. this is nice :)
    i'd support having a forum thing here cz u can make spontaneous announcements there lk things that are usu mentioned in the chat box here and can be missed by ppl.
    siang's idea is a good idea :D

  4. sharing an article :D

  5. ni just small suggestion, klu bole utk ruangan 'Your Link' tu, blogspot letak dlm blog list ngan setting yg tunjukkn recent update, skurg2ny bole tgk kalau ad entri tbaru dlm blog tu...


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