Countdown Peperiksaan Ikhtisas Akhir 2012/2013

Thursday, September 29, 2011

SPPK datang lagi !!

Assalammualaikum wbt/ hye!

perhatian semua pelajar tahun 4 2011/2012

anda diminta untuk mengisi SPPK seperti biasa


28/9/2011 - 14/10/2011

sekian, terima kasih

P/S: selamat study to all :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4th year Revision Class

This year, revision classes will be held on this SUNDAY (2nd October 2011). The schedule is as below:

Triad & Psychiatry: 8.30am - 10.15am, 10.30am - 12.15pm , DK 1

Paediatric & Orthopedic: 8.30am - 10.15am, 10.30am - 12.15pm , DK 2

It would be great if everyone can attend.

This class will help you to judge your current status: ready, not so ready, so not ready for exam. :P

Be punctual, you do not want to miss anything :D

See you there! Great day~

Credit goes to Phoy Cheng

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Information for Clinical Booth

To all runners:

What to bring: Stethoscope, pen, watch

Attire: Formal + White Coat + Name tag & Matric card

Morning Shift

Afternoon Shift

Time depart




In front of asrama jururawat

In front of asrama jururawat

Any enquiries please contact Exco Program.

Amy (017-8830720)

Kim Bao Zhen (016-7978582)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Can you help?

Dear 4th year students,

As we all know, exam is just in the corner. As usual, we need help from you guys to collect the exam questions. I know it’s quite difficult as we are very anxious and deep into our exam paper. But sure you all do remember at least a few questions. All you have to do is right after your exam, and back to your room, sure you will on your laptop first right? Just spend 5 minutes, try to recall all the questions that you can remember, and save them in Microsoft word and then just send via email to the committee. IT’S SO EASY. 5 minutes of your time will help you and others. Benefit to the juniors, your course mates and to yourself when you prepare for your professional exam. Those who are willing to help and think they can help, please kindly give us your name below.

Your help is much appreciated.

Think of how these past year questions from seniors help you. Do the same for the juniors. :)

Click here for the FB link =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jamuan Raya KTDI

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survey for Program Jemputan PERSIAP

Salam 1 Malaysia, there are 2 incoming invited programs targeting to medical students of UKM

1st Program

Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI) would like to organize a Continuous Medical Education (CME) targeting to 4th and 5th year medical student of UKM, on the proposed date of 4th October 2011, starting from 1pm-2pm (subject to change)

The topic of the CME: “Probiotics and Its Implication for Paediatric Health” by Ms Joey Chong, Nutritionist of NNI

2nd Program

PERSIAP received an invitation from a company via Unit Jaringan Industri & Masyarakat (UJIM) to promote the HPV Vaccination in a cheaper price at RM160 (bivalent) to RM 180 (Quadrivalent) per dose (*total 3 doses looking at price of RM480 and RM540 respectively). Date, time and venue are yet to be confirmed.

In conjuction to this, a talk will be delivered by our lecturer from O&G Department – Dr. Nirmala Chandralega Kampan prior to this vaccination program. The talk will cover few aspects of HPV vaccination, its implication, its importance, adverse effects as well as many valuable information & knowledge of HPV vaccination and Cervical Cancer prevention which a future doctor should know. This talk is open to all year 1-5 medical students, and for those who plan for vaccination but have doubt on it, you may welcome to join this talk and make up your mind.

In regards to these 2 programs, a quick survey needs to be done among the medical students to estimate how many will join. Whether or not this program can be held, the choice is in your hand.

If you think you are interested to join as participant in any of above program, please kindly proceed to the facebook PERSIAP and ‘like’ any of the posts reflecting your willingness to be present, to roughly give us estimation before we can proceed. Thank you

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jadual peperiksaan akhir sem 1

Forum & Talk - 18 September

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera

Mohon perhatian pada 18 September ada dua aktiviti bakal dilangsungkan.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jadual runners convo clinical booth




Ketua Shift : Kim Bao Zhen
Pemantau Blood Test : Fadhlun
Ahli Protokol : Lee Chia Ching

Chan Chunn Hoo (4)
Hiew Shen Yong (4)
Choo Mei Yung (4)
Hing Siau Tiak (4)

Nirul Isamuddin (3)
Zahir (3)
Justin Lim (3)
Nurul Amirah (3)
Annis Ismail (3)
Foo See Yun (3)
Cheng Hui Sin (3)
Firdaus Iqbal (3)
Po Jia Neng (2)
Gan Chen Ling (2)
Adelyn Tee (2)
Foong Wai Dic (2)
Nurul Aziemah (emed)
Nor Najiehah (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
Nursyamimi (nursing)
Ketua Shift : Wong Tzeng Lin
Pemantau Blood Test : Satish
Ahli Protokol : Siti Maryani

Chun Phoy Cheng (4)
Wang Say Leng (4)
Su Xu Vin (4)
Nurhanisah (4)

Nabil Thaqif (3)
Chew Ming Wei (3)
Ho Tet Khiun (3)
Zhafir (3)
Goh Ai Jene (3)
Khairul Anwar (3)
Loong Shihleone (3)
Aleza Omar (3)
Nabillah (3)
Ng Yun Foong (2)
Adeline Chai (2)
Kuek Yong Long (2)
Nurul Fatihah (emed)
Ahmad Aliuddin (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Intan Sabrina
Pemantau Blood Test : Muhd Syahzuhair
Ahli Protokol : Nur Fatihah Che Lah

Tey Ie Lane (4)
Law Poh Tse (4)
Lee Yin Ru (4)
Nur Aqeeda Izaty (4)

Syed Alhafiz (3)
Nurul Zubaidah (3)
Nur Fatihah Abd Talib (3)
Fatin Nur Laily (3)
Melissa Michael Soh (3)
Yet Shi Lei (3)
Siti Zulaikha (3)
Nursyamimi (3)
Nur Shairah (3)
Lua Yin San (2)
Tan Su Fang (2)
Heng Miao Ching (2)
Muhammad Ariffin (emed)
Mohd Shaiful Jasni (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Soo Jing Wei
Pemantau Blood Test : Kamarol
Ahli Protokol : Lim Chia Sin

Koh Siew Ling (4)
Ong Li Chin (4)
Ng Wei Wei (4)

Yik Ong Dien (3)
Kuan Huey Chuin (3)
Lim Yong Chean (3)
Nur Hanani Izzati (3)
Cheong Wei Yi (3)
Shafiqah Abdullah (3)
Ang Wei Siang (3)
Mohammad Faiz (3)
Shazwan (3)
Low Ong Wu Lin (3)
Soo Kar Chuan (2)
Grace Lim Min Wen (2)
Mah Wan Cheng (2)
Nur Hidayah (emed)
Sitti Mawar Daratulain (emed)
1st yr
1st yr




Ketua Shift : Lee Shi Teng
Pemantau Blood Test : Rosma
Ahli Protokol : Khairunnissa

Narkkanni (4)
Nalini (4)
Ding Xiao Liey (4)

Qazreen (3)
Norhasimah (3)
Siti Nor Amilah (3)
Farah Dalina (3)
Syaza Syahirah (3)
Tan Nee Ping (3)
Wenda Liew (3)
Azrul Fahmi (3)
Shawal (3)
Gabriel Tang (2)
Komalar (2)
Komathi (2)
Nurain Diyana (2)
Mohd Azalan (emed)
Noor Shaza Akma (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Noraishah Abu Bakar
Pemantau Blood Test : Nor Liyana
Ahli Protokol : Zulhilmi

Rumaizah Nordin (4)
Siti Nur Hafizah (4)
Yew Shiong Leong (4)

Muhaimin (3)
Imran (3)
Choo Ying Ying (3)
Kek Xin Yi (2)
Anita (3)
Patrick Ng Boon Siew (3)
Chai Hui Lee (3)
Goh Wan Theng (3)
Chong Pui Sin (3)
Ikhwan Yusuf (3)
Nik Mohd Aiman (3)
Nurul Zahirah (2)
Ahmad Afif (2)
Amyny Aisha (2)
Nur Hidayah (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Woo Wing Hang
Pemantau Blood Test : Nazeera
Ahli Protokol : Fatin Syahirah

Quek Khai Wen (4)
Tiong Chui Ung (4)
Chiew Yi Rong (4)

Nazrin (3)
Norakmal (3)
Lai Wei Na (3)
Chen Cai Ling (2)
Ooi Sin Jie (4)
Chia Jia Wen (3)
Nur Emalina (3)
Leong Jinn Hui (3)
Nurshazwani (2)
Lau Chin (2)
Chua Zi Yuan (2)
Katrina Ho (2)
Azrina Azhar (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Nasiha
Pemantau Blood Test : Nur Amalina
Ahli Protokol : Fatimah

Nurul Ashiqin (4)
Siti Hajar (4)
Yap Chui Yin (4)
Lai Ngan Shan (4)

Chan Tze Hwei (3)
Nur Syahirah (3)
Engku Nor Azura (3)
Chan Pooi Jing (2)
Hanif Yahaya (3)
Neoh Shu Chin (3)
Nithiya (3)
Liew Siew Fai (3)
Taufiq (3)
Ghaneshinee (2)
Shalinni (2)
Mohd Faizal (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
1st yr




Ketua Shift : Kor Hong Guan
Pemantau Blood Test : Lee Jing
Ahli Protokol : Chuah Jun Sen

Teo Wee Keat (4)
Khor Hui Gim (4)
Ho Sue Ann (4)

Aimi Syairah (3)
Nurul Wahidah (3)
Siti Nur Syuhada (3)
Norsyamimi (2)
Chim Sook Kuan (3)
Azyyati (3)
Rozielawati (3)
Nor Ainaien (3)
Intan Syazwani (3)
Hafizah (2)
Hafizul (2)
Nur Syazzuan (2)
Chitra (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Tara Devi
Pemantau Blood Test : Muhammad Khairi
Ahli Protokol : Nur Anis Amanina

Tan Chun Yeal (4)
Kelvin Lee Zhi Xing (4)
Nur Izzati (4)
Nadiah (4)

Eng Yi Hern (2)
Zulbahari (3)
Saidatul Kamilah (3)
Siti Khadijah (2)
Nurul Atikah (3)
Fatin Amira Izati (3)
Wan Nur Fatin (3)
Shafiqah Sufyan (3)
Amnor Aidiliana (2)
Koay Mei Jun (2)
Koh Chooi Lin (2)
Wan Farid Falmi (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Sia Chye Chee
Pemantau Blood Test : Sabrina
Ahli Protokol : Syafiqah

Tang Pui Ling (4)
Foo Sze Ying (4)
Low Huik May (4)

Abdul Halim (2)
Farah Huda (3)
Nor Hidayah (2)
Yuhana (2)
Mohd Shahimin (4)
Mohd Suffian (3)
Wan Muhd Zainol (3)
Noralim Azhim (3)
Noraini Sarina (2)
Ezza Amirah (2)
Nor Farahin (2)
Noor Asmidar (2)
Rosli Ahmad (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
1st yr
Ketua Shift : Alex Yee
Pemantau Blood Test : Ngu Pei Hwa
Ahli Protokol : Leong Xie Yao

Yiew Jeans (4)
Yeo Yu Zhen (4)
Wong Li Weng (4)

Mohd Fadzlan (2)
Chan Yee Zheng (3)
Syazwani Azwa (2)
Nurashidah (2)
Ng Li En (3)
Ooi Yit Tyse (3)
Muhammad Khairi (3)
Nik Zattil Hanan (3)
Anis Ayuni (2)
Suzila (2)
Abidah (2)
Lee Weng Hoong (2)
Zulaikha Husin (emed)
1st yr
1st yr
1st yr

To all participants, if the timetable not match with your time, pls MAKE SURE U FIND SOMEONE willing to change with you, then SMS to inform Wong Tzeng Lin( 017-8830720) or Kim Bao Zhen(016-7978582) BEFORE this Saturday (17th sept, 12pm noon). NO other REQUEST will be ACCEPT after the deadline. U MUST HAVE A REASON!!!
If u have any question, also can sms us.
Wong Tzeng Lin duty on 22/9/2011(3pm-10pm) would like 2 change shift with Kim bao Zhen 22/9/2011(8am-3pm) with reason of.........

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