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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survey for Program Jemputan PERSIAP

Salam 1 Malaysia, there are 2 incoming invited programs targeting to medical students of UKM

1st Program

Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI) would like to organize a Continuous Medical Education (CME) targeting to 4th and 5th year medical student of UKM, on the proposed date of 4th October 2011, starting from 1pm-2pm (subject to change)

The topic of the CME: “Probiotics and Its Implication for Paediatric Health” by Ms Joey Chong, Nutritionist of NNI

2nd Program

PERSIAP received an invitation from a company via Unit Jaringan Industri & Masyarakat (UJIM) to promote the HPV Vaccination in a cheaper price at RM160 (bivalent) to RM 180 (Quadrivalent) per dose (*total 3 doses looking at price of RM480 and RM540 respectively). Date, time and venue are yet to be confirmed.

In conjuction to this, a talk will be delivered by our lecturer from O&G Department – Dr. Nirmala Chandralega Kampan prior to this vaccination program. The talk will cover few aspects of HPV vaccination, its implication, its importance, adverse effects as well as many valuable information & knowledge of HPV vaccination and Cervical Cancer prevention which a future doctor should know. This talk is open to all year 1-5 medical students, and for those who plan for vaccination but have doubt on it, you may welcome to join this talk and make up your mind.

In regards to these 2 programs, a quick survey needs to be done among the medical students to estimate how many will join. Whether or not this program can be held, the choice is in your hand.

If you think you are interested to join as participant in any of above program, please kindly proceed to the facebook PERSIAP and ‘like’ any of the posts reflecting your willingness to be present, to roughly give us estimation before we can proceed. Thank you

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