Countdown Peperiksaan Ikhtisas Akhir 2012/2013

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SSM Group 17 2011/2012

Title: Prevalence of Acne among Medical Students in UKM and it's Associated Features.

The name list attached are selected via SPSS sample randomization in our study.
During the session you will be given consent form, information sheet and a set of questionnaires.
Then, you'll be assessed clinically for acne staging. Do not worry as your privacy will be taken care. We will ensure the confidentiality of your information and results.

Kindly join us just before/after your lunch at
Bilik Diskusi (Ibnu Sina KTDI)
tomorrow afternoon 12.00-2.00pm (Sunday 12/2/2012)

Note: Do not apply any kind of cosmetics/lotion onto your face during the session.
Referral to skin clinic will be offered to those with moderate-severe acne.
We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and participation.
We are: Huey Chieng, Ainur Elliana, Danny Phua, NurFarhana, Munir Apipi ^_^

To those selected, please add me, Huey Chieng @ Facebook and follow the link for another session in case you can't make it tomorrow. Thanks!

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