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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Message From Dr.Petrick Periyasamy

Attention: this is a message from Dr.Petrick (infectious disease specialist) regarding a survey "Assessing the Attitudes of Health Care Students Towards HIV+, IDU and MSM Patients". He was hoping that all of us could participate. Below are the details from him:

Ethics Approval : FF-3292012

UMMC-UKM-USM-IIUM-UMS-, Penang International Dental College, UTM

Dear medical students students,

I would like to introduce to you Harry Jin, a graduate student studying at Yale University School of Public Health. With my collaboration and support, we will be conducting a study in Malaysia evaluating attitudes and beliefs of students toward several kinds of patients that you are likely to encounter.

This study will provide valuable information for deans and those in charge of curriculums about how to prepare future health care workers about how to improve the treatment and care for all patients. The long term impact that this study aims to achieve is to help advice curriculum changes to improve the health of socially and medically marginalized patients.

This study is entirely anonymous and your answers will never jeopardize your student status. There are also no correct answers. We have designed the survey so that you can feel safe and comfortable answering all questions as honestly as possible. No faculty members will be able to link your responses to you.

I strongly support and encourage you to take this survey, and hope for a 100% response rate. Without your support, changes cannot be made. Your participation will not only help improve the quality of the study, but will also contribute to improving the health of Malaysians.

This is the link that will direct you to the survey:

Dr Petrick Periyasamy
Lecturer Medical Department

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