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Friday, August 28, 2009

AMSC Taiwan & AMSEP Indonesia 2009

During the last week of July 2009, AMSA had organized 2 different major events, namely AMSC Taiwan 2009 and AMSEP (a.k.a Asian Medical Students Exchange Program).

The30th AMSC Taiwan Conference which was held from 25th July to 1st August with the theme “Stigmatized Illnesses – to understand, to accept and to change” comprised of 400 medical students from 22 countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, United Kingdom, Ukraine and many more. UKM was represented by 14 delegates from 2nd year and 3rd year medical students.

Throughout the whole conference, there were a few activities, mainly the paper presentation which was won by the Philippines, poster presentation and movie gallery which was won by Korea and Taiwan respectively. Besides academically, the delegates were also exposed to the social cultures in Taiwan. There were sight-seeing, mouth-watering night markets, the cultural night and party, cultural workshop, hospital visits and community services et cetera.

The main venues during the stay in Taiwan were Taipei World Trade center, also known as Taipei 101, National Taiwan University, National Yang Ming University and Tzu Chi University.

Paper presentation by UMS medical students

A visit to Tzu Chi University

Tarako National Park

Cultural Night (comprises medical students from other countries in their respective costumes)

The tallest skyscaper in the world - Taiper 101

our fellow friends who went for the conference

must-visit tourism places

At the same time back in KL, Our AMSEP team had exchange program with Indonesia medical students. Our fellow friends went to Indonesia during the 1st year end break and it was time for the Indonesians to visit us in Malaysia. There were many activities planned for them, but due to the sudden H1N1 isolation, campus KCKL was closed for a week, hence the academic sessions were cancelled. However, AMSEP organisation managed to pull through this obstacle and the Indons had lots of fun.

They visited many places in KL specifically KLCC (skybridge and Suria KLCC), the National Blood Bank, Batu Cave, National Palace and other places. They went to Central Market too to buy Baju Kurung as this costume is hard to find in Indonesia.

And I shall let the pictures do the talking...

Welcoming dinner at Kapal restaurant

A visit to National Blood Bank

some place....

the National Monument

the National Palace (haha, they didn't get to go inside, who gets to? :P)

going up to the skybridge in Petronas Twin Tower

and lastly, Batu Cave!

thanks to all that have participated and helped out in these 2 events, directly and indirectly.
bon voyage!

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