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Friday, August 28, 2009

To Yr 2 Medical Students (PPD Seminar on Healthy Lifestyle)

A message from Dr. Norazlina Mohamed from facebook:

Salam and dear all,

It seems that many of you are not clear on the instructions and guidelines of the seminar especially these 2 points.

i. Students to come up with a programme which include date, venue, target group, video, activities, props, etc.
ii. Students should also create a poster pertaining to the programme (students to choose one area from the selected programme, eg Drug Abuse programme, the poster may be on the Classification of Commonly Abused Drugs etc)

For point no. 1:
You just have to give an outline of the programme that you are planning to do;
- date, venue, target group, programme name, theme (if applicable)

- list the activities that you planned to have during the programme eg Blood sugar or cholesterol levels measurement or BMI calculations or free medical check up or free dental check up or free eye examination. But the activities must be relevant to your programme and theme. Jangan buat programme on stroke tapi bagi free dental check up.. sungguh tak sesuai..:)

- list or give an outline of any video that you planned to show during the programme. Briefly explain what the video will be about and why you think it's important and significant to show such video. For example: The programme may be on exercise so you may want to list in your programme outline that you are going to show a video on optimal exercise habits. No need to actually show the video during your presentation. I heard that some groups have made a promotional video to be shown on the presentation day. That's ok with me but please do not exceed the time that has been allocated for your group. Penat2 buat video nak dapat markah tinggi, nanti kena potong markah sebab over time pulak..:)

- props: this does not mean you have to bring any props during the presentation day. Just list what are the props that you want to bring if you want to actually implement the programme. For example: if the programme is about drug abuse, you may want to include in your props list that you will be displaying the types of drugs that are commonly abused in Malaysia. Not that you have to bring the props ya... Nanti tak pasal2 kena tangkap for the possession of illegal drugs..:)

- Any other activities or planning or pengisian program are welcomed. Demonstration for example. Let's say program to promote breastfeeding. So maybe ada demo the correct way of breastfeeding.. no la.. bad idea..joking only ya..:) But on a serious note, yes, you can add in demonstration if applicable and relevant.

Point no. 2
- The posters that you should design and display on the presentation day are educational posters not promotional posters. The judges would like to see the educational value of your posters and of course the creativity. Posters must be creative and eye-catching enough to attract the would-be audience of your future programme. But creative if no knowledge and educational value pun tak guna jugak ya..

So have fun.

P/s. Please convey this note to the other Yr 2 students. I don't think I have lots of Yr 2 in my list and if I have I can't actually recall which one of you are Yr 2 and which one are Yr 3 or 4 or 5. It's not the age, I blame it on the information overload. :)

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