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Monday, February 8, 2010

Praktikal Physiology dan MES CNS

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera..

Untuk praktikal hari Khamis ini(11/02/2010)pembahagian kumpulan physiology adalah seperti semester 3 dulu.
Sila bawa bersama hand book for physiology practical yang diberikan semasa semester 3 kerana tajuk praktikal yang akan dilaksanakan adalah

Di sini disertakan soalan yang dipaparkan semasa kuliah: Function of hypothalamus & limbic system.Soalan yang dipamerkan ini adalah soalan MES CNS yang akan dibincangkan pada hari Isnin,22 Februari 2010,8am-10am.Jadi,kenalah siapkan soalan ni masa cuti nanti....ok..kepada pelajar yang dah tahu,sebarkanlah berita ni kepada kawan-kawan kita yang lain sebab ade yang macam "confuse" jer...
SOALAN MES CNS (22/2/2010)
1. A paramedic relieved the left calf muscle cramp of an athlete by dorsiflexion of the left foot.
Compare this reflex with a reflex that occurs when an athlete stepped on a sharp object and ankle jerk reflex.

2. Compare the clinical signs seen in the right leg of a patient who had damage to his right lower limb nerve and a patient with spinal cord transection after spinal shock.

3. A man who driving a car is trying to overtake a lorry. Describe the organ and tracts involve in the above situation. If he had an accident and damage the cerebellum what are the abnormal movements seen. How does this differ with damage to basal ganglia.

4. Explain the physiological responses in a man from the Arctic who went backing in the Sahara desert.

Selamat menjawab dan siapkanlah yerr....


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