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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Final Exam Revision Classes

Salam 1 Malaysia,

I would like to draw your attention that, PERSIAP with cooperation of BBA second year, are organizing revision classes as what had been done for the last few semesters. However, unlike the previous one, we decided to shorten the classes and compact them into only a half-day program, which will be on next monday, as we could hardly find the venue of the classes on the whole next week.

I believe most of us would rather stay inside our room and spend the study week revision on our own. Thus monday is the most suitable day we can think of, since it is the starting of the study week and doesnt interfere your preparation so much as compared to other days.

Upon the request from you in the survey forms that were distributed last week, we managed to get the helps from 4 capable and enthusiasic lecturers. The timetable of the revision classes on monday is as follows:-

Dewan Kuliah 4 ( Monday,29 March 2010 )
8.00a.m.-9.00a.m. = Prof. Datin Dr. Ilina Isahak on Virology of both GIT and Reproductive modules - Viral hepatitis and Congenital infections

9.00a.m.-10.00am = Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aminuddin on Physiology of Endocrine Module


Dewan kuliah 2 ( Monday,29 March 2010 )
12.00p.m.-1.00p.m. = Prof. Datin Dr. Norhayati Mokhtar on Parasitology of GIT module.

1.00p.m.- 2.00p.m. = Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zaiton Zakaria on Physiology of Neuroscience modules and Lecture on CSL history taking.

The classes mentioned above will be held as a question & answer session, if possible. Thus for those who have some doubts on the topic/lectures that we are going to discuss on next monday, please kindly send your questions to Muhammad Hazim, (ketua BBA 2nd year) at before or on this Sunday to collect all the questions and send to lecturers before classes. Of course you can bring your question along with you if you present on monday.

The most important thing here is the lecture that will be delivered by Prof. Zaiton Zakaria regarding the skills on History Taking that most of us neglected on last semester. The lecture is sort of a general one, she will comment on what mistakes we had done during sem 1 year 2, she will also explain to us what she and other examiner expect from us during OSCE and other things that can't be found on our lecture notes and Talley O Conor, so think and consider about this.

For those who will not attend the classes, it's OK bcoz these are optional. However if you have questions that you would like to ask, please send to email address stated above as well, and you may ask your friends who attend the classes the answer provided by the lecturers.

Lastly, it is hoped that these classes benefit all, and all the best for the coming final exam, thank you and forward these informations to others as well.

Kan Chan Siang
Exco Akademik II

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